Amsterdam-Based Artist

Babette Niemel is an independent journalist/ documentary filmmaker, based in the Netherlandsand has lived in Pakistan and the Philippines. Her documentaries are broadcast on DutchNational Television.

Karachi-Based Artists

Akbar Baloch is a senior photographer who has been documenting Lyari and Karachi for four decades. A resident of Lyari, Baloch brings a unique perspective from his community.

Jibran Jawaid has been working as a film director/producer for the past 10 years. He has createdmany videos for documentaries, features, and television shows.

Houston-Based Artists

Amanda Hart is a native Houstonian who has been active in community organizing for many years in the Houston area. She is a social justive correspondent for the Free Press Houston and is currently working on finishing her undergrad in gender studies and cultural anthropology.

Photographer Paul Hester has exhibited his photographs all over the world, including Houston. He has earned grants from the NEA and the Thomas J. Watson Foundation.

Autumn Knight has performed internationally with Elevator Repair Service and is a co-founder of Jelly Jar, a performance-based collective. She has pursued acting training at London’s Central School of Speech and Drama.

Robert Pruitt makes drawings and sculptures about the complexity of black identity by combining contrasting signs and imagery of disparate Black influences and aesthetics.

Karachi-born writer and multidisciplinary artist Sehba Sarwar serves as VBB’s Artistic Director/Founder. Her writings and videos have been published and screened around the US, Pakistan and India.

Kaneem Smith is an installation artist, conservator and teacher. An active artist and teacher since the mid-1990s, her solo exhibitions have been presented around the US as well as in Houston.

KoumanKele African Dance & Drum Ensemble is a performance troupe that presents traditional West, South, and Congolese African Dance and culture.

Wharton K-8 Dual Language Academy Third Grade Percussionists have been learning drumming rhythms on their campus with Cristina Gerard through a MECA-after-school program. Wharton is located 10 blocks west of Freedmen’s Town.

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