by Jibran Javaid
with Sehba Sarwar and Aslam Khwaja

During July and August 2012, Jibran Javaid worked with Sehba Sarwar and Aslam Khwaja to record interviews with members of the Baloch community in Lyari, Karachi as well as with members of the Sheedi community in Tando Bago, a rural village in Sindh that serves as home to Pakistan’s largest Sheedi population. This video is a compilation of different conversations.



Aslam Khawaja is a researcher who has worked extensively on issues related to the Sheedi/Baloch communities. He is contributing an essay to VBB’s art catalog the complements this website.

Jibran Jawaid has been working as a film director/producer for the past 10 years. He has created many videos for documentaries, features, and television shows.

Karachi-born writer and multidisciplinary artist Sehba Sarwar serves as VBB’s Artistic Director/ Founder.


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