by Wharton K-8 Dual Language Academy Third/Fourth Graders

Students from Wharton K-8 Dual Language Academy shared a drumming session directly outside the Gregory School. The percussion session was led by Christina Gerard from KoumanKele African Dance & Drum Ensemble.

This recording was captured by filmmaker Yunuen Perez Verti.


KoumanKele African Dance & Drum Ensemble is a performance troupe that presents traditional West, South, and Congolese African Dance and culture.

Wharton K-8 Dual Language Academy Third Grade Percussionists have been learning drumming rhythms on their campus with Cristina Gerard through a MECA-after-school program. Wharton K-8 is located 10 blocks west of Freedmen’s Town.

Yunuen Perez Vertti is a documentary filmmaker who has worked with many non-profits around Houston. She has been working with VBB for the past three years and has documented VBB productions and created documentaries about the organization.

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