Skype session

with Babette Niemel

We Are Here is a short documentary produced by Babette Niemel, who talks with members of the refugee community in Amsterdam.This recording of a live Skype session in the video-dome was shot by Yunuen Perez Vertti after the screening of Niemel’s film. Participants of this conversation include: VBB Board Member Margot Backus, MECA Founding Director Alice Valdez, artist Oskar Sonnen and many more.



Babette Niemel is an independent journalist/ documentary filmmaker, based in the Netherlands and has lived in Pakistan and the Philippines. Her documentaries are broadcast on Dutch National Television.

Yunuen Perez Vertti is a documentary filmmaker who has worked with many non-profits around Houston. She has been working with VBB for the past three years and has documented VBB productions and created documentaries about the organization.


To learn more about VBB’s Homes and Histories production, click here; to learn more about VBB, visit our home page.

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