Special Thanks

Special thanks to: Christine Diaz & Gordon Anderson; Jim Arnold, Eric Hester, Jonathan Paul Jackson, Angela Martinez; Omar Afra and Free Press Summer Fest; Freedmen’s Town residents including Terry, Kenny Alston; Jacquelyn Beckham; Lenwood Johnson;Andrews Street neighbors; Hellena Stokes, Michael Moore and Danielle Burns at the Gregory School; Catherine Roberts and Lue Williams at the Rutherford B.H. Yates Museum; Jennifer Day and the Wharton K-8 team; Mark Lacy at the Houston Institute for Culture; and all our volunteers including: Laurie Deal, Marc Furi, Amanda Hart, Yalda Jam, Spike Johnson, Ariana Katechis, Leslie Kennemer, Dean LIscum, Chris Martin, Maria Martinez, Teddy Mikeasky, Carmen Abrego Pena, Than Vlachos, and Thomas Williams.

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