Video Dome

by Voices Breaking Boundaries artists

VBB’s video-dome was a collaborative project. The metal dome itself was loaned to VBB by Free Press Summer Fest. To install the dome, VBB’s production manager Shadi Jam arrived at the Gregory School at 4:00 am on the morning of the show with photographer/artist Eric Hester, Jim Arnold and another volunteer. They worked together till almost 10:00 am to install the dome’s metal rods.

Once the dome was up, VBB volunteers led by artistic director Sehba Sarwar and Shadi Jam worked together to wind fabrics together to darken the space and to decorate the dome. Majority of the bedcovers, saris and rugs belonged to Sarwar, while a few were African cloths leftover from VBB’s Fall 2011 production, Third Words: Third Ward/Karachi; Documentary artist Yunuen Perez Vertti also brought a few of her bedcovers and saris. As the fabrics were being installed, Vertti worked with tech whiz Mark Lacy to install televisions, computers and small screens so all videos could be screened and the Skype session could be held.

The video dome was ready minutes before 2:00pm when guests started to arrive.


Eric Hester, a photographer and installation artist, has exhibited his work around Houston for the past five years. He has been working with VBB since our inception.

Shadi Jam serves as VBB’s production manager. She is the founder of the Party Czar, a Houston-based organization that is known for organizing great parties.

Mark Lacy runs the Houston Institute for Culture. He is a photographer and tech genius who generously donates his time and equipment to VBB.

Karachi-born writer and multidisciplinary artist Sehba Sarwar serves as VBB’s Artistic Director/ Founder. Her writings and videos have been published and screened around the US, Pakistan, Egypt and India.

Yunuen Perez Vertti is a documentary filmmaker who has worked with many non-profits around Houston. She has been working with VBB for the past four years and has created documentaries about the organization.


To learn more about VBB’s Homes and Histories production, click here; to learn more about VBB, visit our home page.



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